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May 12, 2017 China’s M2 Money dropped to 9 month low and Social Finance loans there slowed down

May 12th, 2017

Tonight the China’s Central Bank released the Total Social Financing, it’s an overview measure of credit and liquidity in their economy. It declined from March’s 2.12 Trillion Yuan down to 1.39 Trillion Yuan. This is the best way to sniff out financing done from the Shadow Banks in China. The total M2 Money supply also dropped. Shanghai Futures had most of the metals flat to down. German GDP came inline with estimates but Hong Kong had a BTE on their GDP numbers. In the US Session we have CPI and Retail Sales coming. Our Futures have been weak thru the Asian Session, and it is down .20% in the third hour of European Trade. Can’t believe we still have all the dip buyers trying to hold this market up? Unless China starts throwing out money like 2009 this party is over.

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