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August 9, 2017 Can i just PLEASE have a sell off

August 9th, 2017

VIX spiking up over the talk of North Korea/Guam is probably making the historical number of investors who sold puts feeling a bit ill. Downside, the Eur/CHF is dropping so the SNB could come in and buy a bit to try and weaken the Swissy (grrrrrr). Shanghai Futures still had a continued rally in the metals. Government efforts to reduce excess industrial capacity have pushed copper and aluminium prices to near five-year highs. The Chinese Banks were weaker over night with concerns that regulators will continue to clamp down on debt risks. Their % of debt levels have caused grief for other countries in the past …not sure how China can be different? China started to sell Bonds globally to offset all of this..will be interesting to see if there is strong buying? Either way, China has to stop trying to save the world with stimulus spending FINALLY. Second hour of the europe session we have Gold pushing up and our futures down about .30%. Oil is down too after API showed a major build vs an expected draw.

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