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Sept 5, 2017 Copper hitting 3 year high and Bitcoin falling

September 5th, 2017

Copper has never came back from it’s 10,000 high in 2011 but it is back up to 6,900. The speculators are at work in the rally of course fueled by rumors of banning scrape imports next year and factory closings. Many point to the Chinese Congress in October to support the price. The UN Security Council met again after the latest action by North Korea, again just talk no action. China, as we talked about last week, has been focusing in on Cypto Currencies and today took action on banning it from fundraising. The US Congress heads back from Summer Holiday as Hurricane Irma builds up strength. September is historically a bad month for Equities, gold seems to really like it..all of us Bears hope this pattern comes about since no talk of QE is out there and only discussions of tapering and raising rates are on the horizon.

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