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Sept 6, 2017 Bank of Canada Meets

September 6th, 2017

Thursday will be the ECB, but today we get a warm up with the BoC that might come out hawkish and actually raise rates. For the ECB growth has been good, but Draghi will be trying to talk down the Euro which has been on a good run over arguing that the stronger euro is hurting GDP growth. Tonight futures are Flat in the third hour of the European Session. Shanghai futures were mixed gold and rubber up with copper and everything else down. For Hurricane Irma there are models that damages could go past Katrina Numbers. I really hope everyone leaves the area before the weekend. Oil is up .50%. Yen is up over the Korean tension and after Uber Dove Kashkari came out blaming the Fed for wage growth (OMG, he has no fear about this historical experiment of massive QE). China Yuan is still pushing higher which isn’t helping exporters at all. Cypto Currencies are having the dip buyers coming in with no new news out of China tonight.