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Sept 7th, 2017 Super Mario you are on.

September 7th, 2017

Well, if most of the Central Bankers seemed to call each up before they act, we would expect a less dovish Draghi today after seeing the BoC raise rates yesterday. EU has also been having some bte economic data lately, so maybe even plans for the tapering of bond buying will be put forth. FWIW, per bloomberg, The European Central Bank was presented with various scenarios for winding down asset purchases, according to people familiar with the matter yesterday. Shanghai futures including Copper were all down. China Govt is still supporting the Yuan getting it back up to 2015 levels vs the Dollar, this is really hurting exporters. The Chinese Govt released F/X Reserves tonight indicating that they were still building reserves just under estimates. Eur/USD is sitting at 1.1964 in the second hour of the europe session, .41% higher. US Futures are down .20%. All the news seem to be on Hurricane Irma and all the destruction she has done and might do. BUT IT COULD BE Hurricane Mario that might really do some damage if he is hawkish and the Swissy is sold against the euro. Swiss not needing to buy US Tech Companies to push down the CHF could mean a nice push to the downside.

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