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Oct 10,2017 Slow Night, USD weaker

October 10th, 2017

Futures are up about .10% in the start of the Europe Session. The Yuan was set stronger against the USD tonight. Shanghai Futures were about Flat after that rally yesterday. Lot of talk on how one of Japan’s Big Steel Makers were fudging Quality Control and selling the metals to Toyota, Nissan for years. RBA indicated that they could raise rates next year which pushed up the Aussie even with weaker commodities. You know Bitcoin is up 0ver 60% from it’s September lows. IMHO Governments can’t tax Cypto Currencies, Governments need tax revenue..therefore no Govt has a vested interest in letting it continue much longer. Oil is still up after Saudi Arabian Oil Co., Aramco, said they are slashing over 7% of the crude it exports by sea in November. Not much in the way of Econ News in US Session…yawn.

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