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Nov 1, 2017 California Gas Tax went into effect and China keeps slowing

November 1st, 2017

Today us Californian’s are looking at .12 cent hike per gallon on gas. It seems trivial, but California is a major contributor to Global Agriculture and this hike should have ripples in food cost and the overall GDP of the USA. I missed the Europe Session due too much Trick or Treating, lol. (which also explains my really bad headache today, ouch). Right now, Fed did what is expected, said everything is great and to expect a rate hike in December. Next up is the BoE tonight which everyone is expecting a RATE HIKE TONIGHT. Overnight we had Shanghai Copper futures just below being flat, yet Ni had a big pop (China must have talked about electric cars..will check). BTW, China Govt has already been talking about a MAJOR enforcement of air polluters again (this is their method of course to close Metal Factories or at least slow down production over the winter months). Talking about China Curbs, The MARKIT PMI’s came out last night and China continues to show the downtrend we have been talking about with a 51.0 again. Germany DAX hit all time high? Bubbles take forever to pop.

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