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Nov 12, 2017 Prime Minister May’s Brexit Talks may be falling apart…down goes Pound

November 13th, 2017

There is talk that May won’t be able to get the Brexit Bill passed, it appears that 40 Tory MPs may now be willing to sign a letter of no confidence in her . The Sterling is dropping across the pairs for fears of the Brexit talks falling apart. Nikeii 225 dropped over 1% during the day, today it was the GBP/JPY that fell hard making the Yen stronger against the pair (even though the USD/JPY was only slightly down). China’s Single Day beat all estimates and hit 25 billion sales in one day!! Shanghai Futures were only slightly up. OPEC was out jawboning…and yet Oil is only slightly up. Just before the Europe Session, our Futures are up only slightly .05%, and that should fade fast if the Brexit failure gains steam through out the day.

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