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Dec 4, 2017 US Market in Fully Rally..Just at the same level of the Europe Open

December 4th, 2017

Can we say the Market will be Red by the close. The tax bill was passed, now all the US Corporations will be bringing home USD’s to the USA. Of course the USD is in full rally mode to ALL of the pairs. Less USA cash will be in global economy so everyone is dumping FX. (not sure if Washington had thought about that?). Stronger USD will finally be giving a little bit of push to the Bond Yield so Fed will be a bit more Hawkish. Mixed with that we have a China that continues to Cut the Money and slow the economy. Shanghai Futures did get a small pop last night when EU gave China a sweet Tariff Deal. Anyway, this Bear is just hoping all of this mess will sell off, lol.

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