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Jan 2, 2018 China PMI’s beat estimates but Copper is down and PBoC is in 7th day of Not adding Liquidity

January 2nd, 2018

Markit PMI (Caixin) and Official PMI data post for December and both beat estimates. What was the best part was the last part of the comment, ” However, we should not underestimate downward pressure on growth next year due to tightening monetary policy and strengthening oversight on local government financing.”With that, Chinese Equities pushed up except for the Casino Stocks that have gaming revenue down AND Shanghai Futures had Copper down on the news. Oil has been pushing up over Iran Troubles, Oil futures are up only .18% though. Futures are slightly up .06% in the first hour of the Europe session. PBoC for the seventh day suspended Open Market Operations citing that Liquidity was OK. Bitcoin is hanging out at 13,483, while Ethereum is pushing up.

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