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Jan 4, 2018 Why Bother? Kuroda won’t stop QQE while Nikeii hits 23,000

January 4th, 2018

Us Bears give up. This entire financial experiment came from Ben Bernanke believing that the 1929 crash could have been stopped by flooding the world with liquidity. The Central Banks and Governments like China did that, the money flowed to a small % of the global economy that used it for speculation in commodities, equities, property, now cypto currencies. I believed that at some point the central bankers would close the flood of liquidity to prevent their countries being put at financial risk. But Nope, I was wrong. No Government is going to stop this because it’s just to easy to keep it going. Oil is up .76%, Futures continue to push up even after this two day rally. Up about .10%. For us Bears, it looks like 2018 is not going to be good for us at all.

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