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Jan 9,2018 Another Day in a World where Stocks can’t sell off, Thanks Central Banks

January 9th, 2018

Futures are flat tonight but Oil is up .41% leading into API. Jolts job data tomorrow fwiw. Shanghai Futures were actually up in Copper as we move closer to next months Chinese New Years. Stocks around the world are in super over bought territory like always. Central Banks continue to push the Phillips Curve as Macy, Sears, etc are shutting doors. Global Debt to GDP continues to push up with no success appearing in this lifetime. …bummer. China PBoC is continuing to not perform Open Market Operations arguing that liquidity levels are ok. AAII Investor Survey is bullish and at a seven year high. BoJ ACTUALLY cut back of long term Bond buying, Yen moved up, but Japanese Equities still closed up cuz nobody fears the BoJ.

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