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Feb 2, 2018 BoJ tried to lower Bond Yields with Unlimited buying, Futures down .60%

February 2nd, 2018

Kuroda was in buying up Bonds (are there any left the BoJ HASN’T already bought?) to try and move Japanese Bonds off one year highs. Our 10 year is at 2.79% as we move into NFP data this morning. IMHO really so much of this is China pulling away from buying up Debt cuz they are slowing and the debt problem over there is getting so big. FWIW, Shanghai FUtures actually got a bit of love, little bit up as we move into the Chinese New Year in two weeks. Bitcoin is now 8.290 ouch…not a good week at all for them. AMZN will be the test if the Big Money will be selling their chips and leaving the Table, after beating earnings it was up AH at 5.61%..if it closes down tomorrow..this Bear may finally smile cuz the Central Bankers Science Experiment is done.

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