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Feb 5, 2018 Come On AMZN drop under 1390..Draghi don’t mess it up

February 5th, 2018

Futures are down again in the Europe Session second hour to about .26%. Bitcoin is UNDER 8000.00 as it continues to free fall. Shanghai Futures was down but not by a huge amount. Japanese Bond Yields were FLAT, this is after the BoJ indicated that they would buy to push them down on Friday and it didn’t work (in the past that uses to work for the BoJ like crazy good). German Bonds are pushing up to 2 year highs. Later today Super Mario will be speaking and many are thinking he will come out and try and calm the bond buyers with a Dove Speech. We also get Markit PMI. The 1390 AMZN price was the “before earnings price”, if there is really the start of everything…we need to see that soon. China didn’t do Open Market Operations again…China is pulling it’s crazy spending around the world.

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