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Feb 6, 2018 Kuroda is Trying to keep markets calm, Low Rates for a longtime.

February 6th, 2018

Tonight Kuroda was out again saying that even though he is happy with the Economic Gains that Japan has seen, he is not going to remove stimulus and that BoJ won’t be raising rates anytime soon. Japanese Bond Yields fell over the news. The Futures were down over 1% before he spoke, now they are down about .80% two hours before Europe Opens. The Big Question is will the Central Bankers be able to control this sell off? Draghi couldn’t, FOMC nope…this is Kuroda’s shot. Again I am watching AMZN to break below 1390.00. Australia RBA left rates the same tonight as expected. Bullard Speaks in the US Session. Shanghai Futures leading into the New Years Week, next week was just slightly down. China decided AGAIN (9th day) to no Open Market Operations siting liquidity ok. Yet, their equities fell with a fresh wave of Chinese companies suspending trading in their shares to avoid margin calls, with investors also spooked by China’s intensified crackdown on shadow banking Bitcoin is trying to hold 6000

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