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Feb 9, 2018 PBoC did release some liquidity tonight

February 9th, 2018

They normally do this before the New Year because so much money is withdrawn to fill the Red Envelopes. Yet, it could also be a small lifeline to the huge Sell Off the Asian Session went through following the US Sell Off. What is interesting is that China Bonds haven’t been hit at all and are about flat in all of this. With that, imho, it looks like PBoC won’t be aggressive for awhile. China CPI and PPI missed estimates. Bitcoin is under 8,000. FUTURES are Up .35% Senate passes bill to end govt shutdown sending it to the house. EDIT…ALSO, China is going to ADD OIL FUTURES TRADING SOON…this would allow them to move away from using USD’s in Oil Trading. FWIW, the Dollar is loosing it’s strength as the Global Currency.

Feb 2018