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Trading Diary, August 26, 2010

August 26th, 2010

This is the Day that Terry Laundry had marked as the end of his 13 T that started in 2007, He indicated that we will be going into a heavy sell off after today’s date. Just some cheery stuff to start the day. OK Shanghai Comp is up over talk there will be more developement in rural regions, they have been talking about for months, but it is popping some of the sectors to give Comp a positive day so far. Shanghai Futures has Copper, Al , Zn up but Gold and Rebar is weak so far. China Billet spot is about flat with only one port a little up. No word yet on Iron Ore Ban ruling from India Ct, but the repricing of Ore and Coal is coming up at the start of September. Looks like there was a hat thrown in the ring and PM of Japan will have to worry about his job, that could stop intervention.eur/usd at 1.2716..as always, this is just the start…the comments have the heart of it.

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  • Shnmks

    we still got a good looking steep downtrending pattern for u for tomorrow =)

  • Shnmks

    lol With California I would like to take a swim . It’s cloudy here but not raining at least today.
    Really cool with your new toy I hope to learn it eventually with you .
    Keep me updated , Thanks again .

    It’s always fun like usual

    See you later since I can’t go in the pool ‘Ill just take a shower lol.

    I used to have my own pool and once I got it never went in, but when I didn’t have my own pool used to always go swimming go figure.
    Where I’m at now I f I wanted one would have to level off some hills or just have it stuck in the side of the mountain , which would be cool .

  • Trading_Nymph

    I am SO fustrated, tonight AGAIN I get the correct number looking at my A/D volume chart but my predicted Vol Supports were wrong…..it’s A stupid MATH error again…I will have to double check, or rather triple check…I am solving for X

    18day90% + X – 36day 95% + x/2 = Support line just grrrrrrrrrr.

  • Trading_Nymph

    So for tomorrow
    First Support
    -212(.90) + x- -99(.95)+ x/2= -123
    SO X = -17.5 it appears or Advance – Decline Volume of -175, 000.000

    Second Support
    -212(.90) + x- -99(.95)+ x/2= -150 THE BIG ONE!!!
    First Reistant
    -212(.90) + x- -99(.95)+ x/2= -85
    Second Reistants
    -212(.90) + x- -99(.95)+ x/2=-46

    NOW I have to solve for the X’s correctly

  • Trading_Nymph

    -1184 First Support S1 for Advance – Decline