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June 30,2017 China OFFICIAL GOVT PMI beat estimates, nobody is partying

June 30th, 2017

Well, we expected with the run up in commodities for the last few days that the China Govt PMI (manuf and non manuf) was leaked. Big Surprise, it was a beat of  51.7, expected 51.0,  non-manufacturing Industry PMI 54.9 . For the non-manuf beat it came from a “black friday”, mainly a mid-year online shopping event. AUD/USD is red after a pop on the news.  Shanghai Futures were slightly mixed. Asia followed the American Session and sold off except for Shanghai which had a flood of buying into the close (cough, cough govt) to close green. Oil is holding up .71% even with a stronger dollar tonight. Are futures are flat in the first hour of the europe session. We will be watching for stimulus news out of China on July 1st in Hong Kong. BoJ came out saying that they will keep the same amount of Bond Buying in July. We are in the slow season for China so IMHO this is the last strong number we will see in China for awhile.

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  • Trading_Nymph

    off of a google translated China Site.
    A Brief Comment on China ‘s Official Manufacturing and Non – Manufacturing Industry in June
    2017-06-30 13:55:20 static 393
    Key cast macro Comment China June official manufacturing and non-manufacturing PMI;
    ① intraday data show that China’s economic growth is likely in June performance is quite good, consistent with other indicators that track the performance of its index;
    ② relatively strong external demand help Boost the manufacturing activity, the new export orders rose far more than new orders;
    ③ indications that China’s domestic demand has improved, sub-indicators, the import index rose to four-month high;
    ④ June official manufacturing and non-manufacturing PMI Are better than the previous value for the first time in December last year, suggesting that the downward pressure on the producer price index may gradually slow down;
    Note: China’s June official manufacturing PMI 51.7, expected 51.0, before the value of 51.2; June official non-manufacturing Industry PMI 54.9, the former value of 54.5
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  • panther341

    Buffett exercising warrants to buy 700,000,000 shares of BAC to collect that newly hiked dividend. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/warren-buffetts-berkshire-hathaway-to-exercise-warrants-to-buy-700-mln-bank-of-america-shares-2017-06-30

  • panther341

    makes Berkshire the largest holder in BAC. Second is Vanguard. LOL

  • panther341

    Have a good weekend TN. US markets are open a half day on Monday July 3. Back to that Depression era law about banks not being closed on consecutive week days.

    The “crop report” came out today and there were big moves in wheat, corn, soy beans, oats. But the side action was all the “Trading Places” – the movie – jokes. Big scene in that movie about the crop report. If you haven’t watched it yet – look at how the grains all moved today, and then watch the movie!