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July 21, 2017 The Euro continues it’s rally, Mario not so super so far

July 21st, 2017

Well we have the eur/usd at two years high tonight. The Futures in the third hour of the European Session is flat. Oil is up over the Sell off in the USD. Shanghai Futures were mixed with copper up a small bit. US Earnings continuing with SLB and KSU among others. Canada might be interesting with their CPI and Retail Sales coming out. Canada just raised rates this month (first time in seven years). RBA member was out trying to talk down the Aussie, it is working a lot better then Mario’s talk down of the Euro.

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  • Trading_Nymph

    Panther enjoyed your post on Kenmore yesterday.

  • panther341

    Glad you made it to LOW! Peeps like looking at appliances and not just pictures of appliances. Scratch and dent often a good bargain!

    HD and LOW are gonna have to have sales people in appliances to make it easy for people to buy instead of going home and ordering on line. The first time I was there in July nobody helped me in like 45 minutes – bcs there was only 1 person working and she had a customer. But hooking up a gas stove or dryer is harder than hooking up electronics.

  • panther341

    The “most important” OPEC meeting on Monday. And it is just a committee meeting. Libya is supposed to be there – Libya has no quotas recall, cause I don’t think anyone thought they would ramp up production so much. Being held in St. Petersburg so Russia taking big role for a non-OPEC member. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/how-opec-committees-coming-meeting-could-make-or-break-oil-prices-2017-07-20

  • panther341

    bonds showing no fear ahead of FOMC next week.

  • panther341

    In the middle of the day today I hear like this snap crackle pop noise and look up to see smoke coming out of my monitor. OMG.

    It was like 8 years old. I sort of go by the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” rule – so I declared the monitor broke …. got a new one on sale and I swear the difference is really nice! Missed the close and whatever – but this is cool.

    Now I need a new TV! lol!

  • panther341
  • panther341

    VIX – 20 year low and 20 year closing low. back that far it used to be calculated on the OEX – SP 100 and not the SPX.