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Oct 23, 2017 Nikkei Parties over landslide Abe election, Futures don’t.

October 23rd, 2017

Everyone knew Abe’s Party would have a clean sweep, Yet even with that Japan closed up 1%. Yen sold off. Yet, this is not so Risk Off cuz our Futures are flat. Yes, there was a massive rally leading up to it. But, knowing that Abe Arrows will be flying for years isn’t making many outside of Japan that Giddy tonight. Shanghai Futures were down somewhat (btw China is not really happy at all with the possibility of Japan’s chances to reverse World War 2 policies of neutrality that could be coming, fwiw, especially with North Korea giving japan a reason). China’s Sept Housing data came out showing a stalling in growth. 19th China Congress still going on, most talk is on Social Reforms like Senior and Disabled Care. Of course we are all time highs so Bulls will be pushing it on a Monday with nothing much of econ data around the world.

Oct 2017

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    465 House seats announced all the results; all
    the coalition formed by the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito won a total of 313 seats, more than the absolute majority (310) seats; in the The
    Democratic Party won 30 seats, the Democratic Party won 28 seats, the Democratic Party won 55 seats, the party wanted 50 seats, the Komeito won 29 seats, the Japanese Communist Party won 12 seats, the reform will be 11 seats, the Social Democratic Party won two seats, Non-partisan people were 22 seats;
    ④ the results show that Abe power to consolidate, Abe can continue to promote the smooth implementation of the economy, the yen will be long-term pressure;
    ⑤ due to the recent typhoon invasion, the Japanese election results completely announced time delay; In contrast to the election, Abe’s ruling coalition lost five seats

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    From Reuters..BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s new home prices registered a second straight month of weak growth in September, with prices in the biggest markets slipping and gains in smaller cities slowing as government measures to cool a long property boom took hold.

    FILE PHOTO – Residential buildings are seen in Beijing, China, January 10, 2017. REUTERS/Jason Lee/File Photo
    China’s housing market has been on a near two-year tear, giving the economy a major boost but stirring fears of a property bubble even as authorities work to contain risks from a rapid build-up in debt.

    While monthly price rises peaked in September 2016 at 2.1 percent nationwide, they have softened only begrudgingly since then, regaining momentum as buyers shrugged off each new wave of measures to curb speculation.

    Analysts say more tightening could still be expected in lower-tier cities with relatively fast price gains, as critics argue China’s ever-growing administrative control over its property market has only reaffirmed speculator views that prices will remain steady.

    “China’s property prices are still rising even as sales are falling off a cliff, which suggests the market still sees property as an investment product in the belief that the government won’t let prices fall,” said Yi Xianrong, a Professor of Economics at Qingdao University.

    Still, signs of a more stable and less frothy housing market for now will be welcome to the country’s leaders as they attend a critical Communist Party Congress to set political and economic priorities for the next five years.

    President Xi Jingping opened the twice-a-decade gathering last week, stressing the need to move from high-speed to high-quality growth.

    Average new home prices rose 0.2 percent month-on-month in September, the same rate as in August when prices rose at the slowest rate in seven months, according to Reuters calculations from National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) data out on Monday.

    “The curbs are in general still intensifying, which have gradually impacted property buyers’ expectations,” said Zhang Dawei, an analyst with Centaline, a property agency.

    New home prices rose 6.3 percent year-on-year in September, decelerating from August’s 8.3 percent increase, partly thanks to last September’s high base.

    Higher prices are also eating up more of home buyers’ disposable income, which could dampen future demand.

    The head of the central bank warned last week that China’s household debt is rising too quickly, and some analysts suspect a recent burst of consumer loans points to the illicit use of loans for property investment.

    As mega-cities like Beijing imposed increasingly stringent measures, speculators have moved to smaller centers this year where local governments offer cheap credit and impose few restrictions in the hopes of clearing a glut of unsold homes.

    Prices for new private homes in China’s top-tier cities fell 0.2 percent in September versus a 0.3 percent decline in August, the NBS said in a note accompanying the data.

    In southern boomtown Shenzhen, which borders Hong Kong, prices stabilized after a drop of 0.4 percent in August.

    However, some second- and third-tier centers such as the southern town of Guilin have also been forced to impose curbs in recent months, banning some buyers from quickly “flipping” properties.

    Tier-3 cities rose 0.2 percent from a 0.4 percent increase in August, the NBS said in the note.

    More curbs are likely to be introduced in lower-tier cities, some analysts say. Yan Yuejin, an analyst with Shanghai-based E-house China R&D Institute, said smaller provincial capitals with faster gains in recent months such as Guiyang and Shenyang could be tightening controls in the fourth quarter.

    While market watchers do not anticipate significant price declines let alone a crash, weakness in property and construction is starting to drag on broader economic growth.

    Data last week showed GDP growth eased to 6.8 percent last quarter from 6.9 percent in the first half, with a marked deceleration in the property sector.

    Property sales dropped for the first time in more than 2 1/2 years in September and housing starts slowed sharply.

    The majority of the 70 cities surveyed by the NBS still reported a monthly price increase for new homes, although the total dropped to 44 in September from 46 in August.

    China’s housing minister said on Sunday that property sales will slow in the fourth quarter but prices will remain stable.

    Wang Menghui, head of the housing and urban-rural development ministry, said the government will keep measures consistent and not loosen controls, a pattern that has been seen before in China when prices start to soften more quickly than intended.

  • panther341

    I have some interesting news about Houston relatives.

    Bad news first: sister was back in the hospital for more of the same: infection in bad leg. Caught earlier this time. They keep doing tests to figure out cause. She’s out again (only in 5 days this time) but still on powerful antibiotics. She sounds positive on figuring it all out and the good news for her is she goes on Medicare in December and all her doctors take Medicare and her costs will go down significantly. She thought that getting through the hurricane alive and well and she should skate home free for a while. Not so much – so she was working on the attitude again.

    Good news next about 90 year old father in law: got hooked up with house flippers and those guys are contracting with peeps and repairing houses fast. They gutted his house and alot has to be brought up to code with plumbing and electrical, but he thinks he will be back in his house before Christmas. Seriously. So the house flippers have moved into Houston with their own crews and working for other peeps as well as buying places.

    Brother – I didn’t get as much update there but gather they are making progress.

    We started talking about Thanksgiving but nobody has a clue. LOL

  • panther341
  • panther341

    The Saudis likely don’t have any bitcoin. “Enron in the making.” http://www.marketwatch.com/story/bitcoin-is-enron-in-the-making-saudi-prince-alwaleed-2017-10-23

  • Trading_Nymph

    Wow, I never thought about the flippers showing up. But makes total sense, they have the crews and there is a lot of Insurance Money around. This might effect California and Nevada Housing Numbers cuz the Flippers are busy and can’t be bothered looking for “Flips” there? Glad Sister is out of hospital and Father in law will have a “new designed” home soon. All too crazy…lol….give me an earthquake any day.

  • Trading_Nymph

    to buy a comic book company, omg; Not even really great titles in their collection..Wonder if they are going to go to Comic Con with all that money and buy up rights from all the other artist they can find, lol.

  • Trading_Nymph

    He thinks Art is a rip off too. BTW, Australia is trying to add regulations to bit coin asap.

  • panther341

    I also thought the Flippers moving in to Houston might affect numbers elsewhere – even in other parts of Texas.