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Oct 31, 2017 HAPPY HALLOWEEN..I am dressing as a Bull this Year

October 31st, 2017

Lol, on second thought, dressing as a Bull is just to scary as a costume. We are having the Central Banks up this week of course. Tonight was BoJ, of course Kuroda said everything was ok and he will never, I mean not raise rates. After the major Victory Abe had, Kuroda can say anything he wants for years and years. Nikeii sat there and did nothing. Shanghai Futures actually had a slightly up day after the plunge it has been suffering. The OFFICIAL PMI came out and of course it was lower out of China. Futures are flat in first hour of Europe Session. Some Interesting metal Names will be reporting including AKS and X. Germany is closed for holiday today. Market should continue to sell off on a slower China, but at All Time Record Highs, Bulls will probably buy the Open…then a fade in the afternoon session as everyone goes out to Trick or Treat, lol.

Oct 2017

  • Trading_Nymph

    From CHina Website..
    China’s manufacturing PMI in October was 51.6%
    [He Liming met with the Standing Committee of Hefei Municipal Committee, deputy city]   [“the second day on the logistics logistics service camp”]   [the first three quarters of 2018 logistics operation briefing]   more >>

    He Liming, Ren Haoxiang to Henan Materials Group Corporation investigation and research
    Announcement: 2017 China Logistics Institute Awards list
    China’s manufacturing PMI in October was 51.6%
    October PMI shows: the index has come down, the economy is running
    In October 2010, China ‘s non – manufacturing business activity index was
    October 2017 Non-manufacturing PMI shows: the inde

  • Trading_Nymph

    AKS down almost 17% on earnings..ouch.

  • panther341

    Spent the day doing other things than watching the market. AKS was a mess but I think X looked good after hours. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/us-steel-shares-rally-on-earnings-beat-outlook-2017-10-31

    Have my chicken vegetable soup and getting ready to watch the World Series. Good luck to everyone!

  • panther341

    oil is creeping up, and definitely have backwardation to the December 2018 contract – which is like $1.00 lower than December 2017. Storage trade is gone for now.

    Brent above $60.

  • panther341

    btw – raining here for Halloween. I am watching baseball and eating soup – i’m a happy camper.

  • panther341

    So TN – today I am congratulating LA for the win last night. Game 7 tonight.

    And the SPX futures are up 10 this morning. WHat is that all about? LOL

    FB earnings tonight and AAPL tomorrow. FOMC this afternoon and Trump announcement tomorrow.

    ADP payrolls this morning. non-farm payrolls on Friday morning. Hurricane.