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Nov 6, 2017 Petro Dollar Investment might be in trouble?

November 6th, 2017

Over the weekend Billionare Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (along with other Princes)  were detained. He heads Kingdom Holding which suffered a 9% drop tonight. If he is detained, the company is hampered in investing their Petro Dollars around the world. On another topic, China is  reporting that Scalpers are not seeing any profits from the Apple X phone in China. USA had the lines, but China is not feeling it. Second hour of the European Trade we have Futures slightly up at .03%, after they fell over news that Saudi Princes were being detained. Not much in the way of Econ News today. Shanghai futures of most of the metals were up a bit tonight with Trump in Asia. With Markets at all time highs, wonder if anyone wants to still borrow more money to buy more?


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    From Global TImes…iPhone X gets tepid debut in China
    By Dong Feng Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/3 22:48:39

    The iPhone X went on sale in China on Friday, but this year won’t be as promising for scalpers.

    At Zhongguancun, Beijing’s largest electronics market, scalpers told the Global Times that profit margins were thin due to online pre-orders and ample supply from Apple.

    As of Friday morning, most scalpers were not interested in purchasing the 64GB version. A 256GB deep grey iPhone X was only fetching up to 300 yuan ($45) over the listed price.

    Meanwhile, the Global Times saw only about 20 people lined up outside the Apple’s Dawanglu outlet in Beijing for the release of the iPhone X on Friday morning.

    Apple staff demonstrated the new handset to potential customers, fielding questions about the absence of a physical home button and the FaceID recognition feature.

    An employee said the phone’s release saw a boost in visitors to the store.

    “Almost double the daily volume,” said the employee. The Global Times counted around 120 people at the store.

    However, those seeking to buy the phone were informed the store would only be fulfilling online pre-orders. The next round of orders will be serviced at 8 am Saturday.

    A customer said she had originally planned to buy an iPhone X, but changed her mind after she was informed about the pre-order process and wait time.

    “I can wait two or three more months,” said the woman, who declined to be named.

    At the Apple store in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay, about 20 people stood in line to pick up their pre-orders.

    Employees told the Global Times some people began lining up as early as 6 am.

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  • panther341

    dietary change – I was vegan. But … for a couple of years I have had digestive issues. Currently working on a theory of “leaky gut” – which is basically a candida infection of the gut. Stopping eating any and all beans helped about 75%, but bone broth has made another big difference. One day about 10 days later I ate some of those “beanitos” chips and regretted it for 2 days. OMG So far I have confined the bone broth to chicken bones. I am now doing pretty much only turkey and chicken for animal protein, and only organic. If the bone broth and cutting out beans hadn’t worked, I would be doing something else – but for right now things are more “normal” than they have been in several years digestion wise and hopefully will continue to improve.

    The bone broth is supposed to be high in collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin. When I looked at the broth I was buying at the store – the vegetable broth – ingredients: filtered water, vegetable broth FLAVOR (the second ingredient!) …. pear juice …. It isn’t even real vegetable broth!

    My first symptoms a few years ago seemed to be a reaction to gluten, but overall I was having issues even with no gluten in sight, which have only gotten worse. So one of the other things I started is rotating grains. So one day I will use oats only, next day corn only, next day buckwheat only, fourth day rice only. Part of the theory behind this is that you can eventually add wheat one day out of 4 or 5 or 6 or 7. Which makes eating out easier. LOL I have not done same with vegetables and whatever – some people have to do that if they have alot of food allergies. MOstly it keeps you from developing other food allergies by not overeating one food. I don’t know that mine is so much allergies as an imbalanced gut. I have been eating yogurt and sauerkraut to help with the balance.

    Food is medicine. We are what we eat.

    Very counter to the culture which is promoted by the big pharma and which most doctors have bought into. Take pills and cure everything, taking no personal responsibility.

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    oil. OMG mebbe Saudi purges are good for oil.

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    busiest IPO week of the year. 3 Chinese companies included. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/ipo-market-is-facing-busiest-week-of-2017-2017-11-06

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    I totally agree, Food is medicine and we are all are own caretakers of ourselves. I get most of my protein from egg whites. I love hard boiled egg whites..lol, not a fan so much of the yolks. I had heard of leaky gut but never read about it. I have never checked out veggie broth ingredients even though I use it. I just googled how easy it’s to make from scratch, you inspired me to try it…just a lot of vegetable scraps and herbs. Wish I could use Mint because I have SO much of it, lol. FYI from the Nutritional Action newsletter (the Food Police as I call them), ….In the GAIT trial, taking glucosamine hydrochloride plus chondroitin every day for six months didn’t relieve pain or improve joint function any more than a placebo for 317 people with osteoarthritis of the knee. At first, researchers thought that the combination may have helped just the 57 participants who started the trial with moderate-to-severe pain. But when they monitored participants for two more years, they saw no benefit.

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    Iran Missile and talk of war always makes Oil SOOOO happy lol.

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    omg this is why the bulls are so giddy.

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    agree on the glucosamine pills LOL it is part of the syndrome of take pills instead of good food.

    doctors and big pharma unfortunately have lawyers on their side. doctors feel compelled to prescribe something other than diet. My neighbor recently had a doctor tell her to lose weight: eat less pasta. And take some pills. I asked her if he told her to exercise. No. Take pills. She is 67 and gets little exercise. And when I suggest she get more – she tells me: the doctor didn’t tell me to get exercise. OMG

    and since you can’t get patent protection on herbs or real food … there is no incentive to test that stuff.

    I have an uncle who was in a wheelchair with arthritis and since I have had arthritic reaction to oats – I think he may have had food allergies and spent decades in a wheelchair when a change of diet may have cured him. Google that one! He even had gold treatments for his arthritis.