Nov 12, 2017 Prime Minister May’s Brexit Talks may be falling apart…down goes Pound

November 13th, 2017

There is talk that May won’t be able to get the Brexit Bill passed, it appears that 40 Tory MPs may now be willing to sign a letter of no confidence in her . The Sterling is dropping across the pairs for fears of the Brexit talks falling apart. Nikeii 225 dropped over 1% during the day, today it was the GBP/JPY that fell hard making the Yen stronger against the pair (even though the USD/JPY was only slightly down). China’s Single Day beat all estimates and hit 25 billion sales in one day!! Shanghai Futures were only slightly up. OPEC was out jawboning…and yet Oil is only slightly up. Just before the Europe Session, our Futures are up only slightly .05%, and that should fade fast if the Brexit failure gains steam through out the day.

November 2017

Nov 10, 2017 Happy Veteran’s Day and Singles Day!

November 10th, 2017

Equities and Bond market will be open today. Banks and Federal Offices are closed, so no economic data. In China the BIGGEST “Black Friday/Saturday” will be hitting tomorrow night. Expectations are super high that China will be buying. USD/JPY and the Shanghai Futures market rested after the ride yesterday. Futures are down .31% in the second hour of the european session.

November 2017

Nov 9, 2017 Market at all time highs, again…Bubble’s Take Forever

November 9th, 2017

Tonight we have China Inflation numbers coming in a little above estimates. Also, Trump is in China and announced a Series of Agreements on Trade. Nothing really binding. Shanghai Futures has metals down. Futures are down in the second hour of the Europe Session at only .10%. Saudi Arabia is still seizing assets and Princes, while saber rattling of possible war with Iran. With that Oil is also down a small bit.


Nov 7, 2017 Japan is Partying like 1992

November 7th, 2017

Tonight Nikeii 225 hit levels last seen in 1992. Remember the Asian Crisis hit later because of the huge debt to gdp, BoJ I think forgot about that. Around the board, Shanghai Futures were up a small bit with Trump coming to China on Wednesday. Even with that Aussie, Kiwi pulled back. Oil is flat after destroying the “Warren Buffett/Bill Gates of Saudi Arabia” and trying to start a war with Iran, but futures are flat after being up in the Asian Session. Draghi was out talking about bad loans still around.


Nov 6, 2017 Petro Dollar Investment might be in trouble?

November 6th, 2017

Over the weekend Billionare Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (along with other Princes)  were detained. He heads Kingdom Holding which suffered a 9% drop tonight. If he is detained, the company is hampered in investing their Petro Dollars around the world. On another topic, China is  reporting that Scalpers are not seeing any profits from the Apple X phone in China. USA had the lines, but China is not feeling it. Second hour of the European Trade we have Futures slightly up at .03%, after they fell over news that Saudi Princes were being detained. Not much in the way of Econ News today. Shanghai futures of most of the metals were up a bit tonight with Trump in Asia. With Markets at all time highs, wonder if anyone wants to still borrow more money to buy more?


Nov 2, 2017 Well the Pearls are out, welcome to our Non Economist Fed Head

November 2nd, 2017

Tonight Shanghai Futures had Copper down again and Ni in rally mode. Bitcoin continues to push up like crazy. Trump is going to announce Powell as his nomination for Fed Head at 3 pm est before he packs his back for Trumps trip to Asia. We are waiting for the BoE to raise rates, GBP/USD is up .09%. Bitcoin continues it’s crazy rally over rumors that China will allow trading again and as Panther pointed out, the CME. IMHO, China really has to control outflow of Yuan…why will they allow this to happen through Cyptocurrencies? Our Futures are only down .11% in the first hour of the Europe Session. Congrats Panther on the Houston Win!

Oct 2017

Nov 1, 2017 California Gas Tax went into effect and China keeps slowing

November 1st, 2017

Today us Californian’s are looking at .12 cent hike per gallon on gas. It seems trivial, but California is a major contributor to Global Agriculture and this hike should have ripples in food cost and the overall GDP of the USA. I missed the Europe Session due too much Trick or Treating, lol. (which also explains my really bad headache today, ouch). Right now, Fed did what is expected, said everything is great and to expect a rate hike in December. Next up is the BoE tonight which everyone is expecting a RATE HIKE TONIGHT. Overnight we had Shanghai Copper futures just below being flat, yet Ni had a big pop (China must have talked about electric cars..will check). BTW, China Govt has already been talking about a MAJOR enforcement of air polluters again (this is their method of course to close Metal Factories or at least slow down production over the winter months). Talking about China Curbs, The MARKIT PMI’s came out last night and China continues to show the downtrend we have been talking about with a 51.0 again. Germany DAX hit all time high? Bubbles take forever to pop.

Oct 2017

Oct 31, 2017 HAPPY HALLOWEEN..I am dressing as a Bull this Year

October 31st, 2017

Lol, on second thought, dressing as a Bull is just to scary as a costume. We are having the Central Banks up this week of course. Tonight was BoJ, of course Kuroda said everything was ok and he will never, I mean not raise rates. After the major Victory Abe had, Kuroda can say anything he wants for years and years. Nikeii sat there and did nothing. Shanghai Futures actually had a slightly up day after the plunge it has been suffering. The OFFICIAL PMI came out and of course it was lower out of China. Futures are flat in first hour of Europe Session. Some Interesting metal Names will be reporting including AKS and X. Germany is closed for holiday today. Market should continue to sell off on a slower China, but at All Time Record Highs, Bulls will probably buy the Open…then a fade in the afternoon session as everyone goes out to Trick or Treat, lol.

Oct 2017

Oct 30, 2017 China Down over 1% and Shanghai Copper Futures Continue to Slide

October 30th, 2017

Our Futures in the third hour of the Europe Session are only down .13% after this. Shanghai Copper futures were down big again, this has been the theme since the end of the Congress. China’s 10 year Bond jumped to 2 year highs over fears that PBoC will be cutting back on liquidity. There is alot of Paper due this week in China fwiw. Of course, there is all the buzz about the new Fed Head, the announcement will be coming out this week. Most are betting on Powell who is a Dove, like Yellen, but a Republican. ALSO HE ISN’T an economist. Powell was a Political Science Major and went on to Law School, then worked as a investment banker. This might really change some of the use of Economic Models that Yellen loved? We will miss the Pearls. Congress of course is working on tax bill. Aussie is actually .13% to the USD which may be just T/A buying around 200 MA. Yet, KIWI down confirms risk on is not around. Not much in way of econ data and not much in big names reporting today in American Session. Market has rallied like 1929…really surprised that central banks allowed this to happen.

Oct 2017

Oct 26, 2017 ECB and the QE mess they made

October 26th, 2017

Today we should learn details on how “We will do everything” Mario will try to start to decrease the QE experiment without pushing up the Euro. It is expected  the ECB will extend QE by 30 billion euros per month for 9 months, offsetting less QE with stronger forward guidance on rates. Futures in the Second Hour of the European Session are FLAT as we wait for the ECB meeting. Shanghai Futures had copper trying to rally but closed down. There is talk that the PBoC will add liquidity on Friday through Reverse Repros, but even with that floating around, it didn’t rally up.

Oct 2017